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We do not just meet deadlines, we smash them. Together, we are a speed machine for our clients.

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Our superstars

Irbaz Haider

Irbaz Haider

Crypto Expert

He is crypto expert of our team and do deep research on new upcoming coins.

Abdullah Umer

Abdullah Umer

Market Analyst

Umer is our core market analyzer and also helps in the articles writing for up to date information.

Liska Wood

Liska Wood

Price Action Expert

Boss! No words for his price action analysis efficiency, he is dedicated to increase our profit.

Aliza Cisca

Aliza Cisca


Writer of modxolo and seo expert and interested in crypto news.

We provide a to z complete information about the new crypto coins to be launched soon, telegram mining,  coins mining on websites and authentic mining apps.




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